Mar 7, 2007

Cresthaven Park

Roseville, CA
On I-80 take the Riverside Ave/Auburn Blvd Exit. Turn northwest on to Riverside Ave. Turn left on Cirby Way and then turn left on Vernon Street. Once on Vernon turn Community Dr. The park will be on the right side.

This is a wonderful neighborhood park with many amenities. It has great tennis courts, large open space for soccer, baseball fields, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and even bathroom facilities! There is a great covered BBQ area with benches. The playground is very cute. It has slides, ramps, and both types of swings. Lots of shade for those hot summer mornings make this a wonderful park.

Westwood Park

Citrus Heights, CA
On I-80 take the Antelope Rd exit. Go west and make the first right on Lichen Dr. Follow the street around and it changes to Butternut. Don’t turn left on Lichen. The park will be on the right side. Park along the street for the playground, or there is a parking lot next to the baseball area.

This cute 11-acre neighborhood fish themed park is great for all ages. It has basketball courts, a baseball area, two tennis courts, and a great BBQ area. It also has bathroom facilities. There are two playground areas. The smaller one has fish stairs that are really cute. There are two types of swings, a great sand area, great open spaces, and nice paved walking areas.

Crestmont Park

Roseville, CA
On I-80 take the Douglas Blvd exit. Turn east onto Douglas Blvd. Go a few miles and turn right on Rocky Ridge drive. At the end of the street there will be a T, and a signal, turn left on S. Cirby Way. Go a mile or so and turn right on Champion Oaks Dr. The park will be on the right side a little ways down the street.

This is a great park for all ages. It has two playgrounds, but they are far apart from each other. The smaller kid playround has a ramp to go up and wood stairs to go down. It is a pirate theme. A cute pirate map is on the ground and you can follow the lines to lead to the X. An elementary school is in sight and a paved path leads to the basketball courts and baseball fields there. There is a nice covered BBQ area with bathroom facilities nearby. The bigger kid playground is on the other side of the BBQ area. This playground has swings for bigger kids only. It has a cute solar system theme. It has bumpy slides and cute ramps and places to spin the planets. It has great shade for the summer.

Twin Oaks Park

Rocklin, CA
Take I-80 to Hwy 65. On Hwy 65 take the Pleasant Grove/Park Dr exit. Turn right, north, on Pleasant Grove, it turns into Park Dr. On Park Dr go a few miles and Twin Oaks Park will be on the left side. There is a parking lot.

This is a nice park for soccer games. It has a great playground to have kids play on while the other child is playing soccer. There are two playgrounds with great slides and ramps. Lots of swings and areas to play in the dirt as well. A nice walking trail meanders around. There is a school next to this park.

Sonara Park

Rocklin, CA
Take I-80 to Hwy 65 toward Roseville. On Hwy 65 take the Blue Oaks exit. Turn north, right if you came from I-80. Go a mile or less and turn right at Sonara Pass and it will wind around. Park anywhere along the street.

This is a cute neighborhood park. It has plenty of soccer fields that are busy during the soccer season. An elementary school is nearby. This is in a newer neighborhood so the playground is in good shape. There are two playground areas with slides, ramps and things to play on. They have both types of swings as well as sand areas to roam through. A great shaded BBQ area with plenty of benches is nearby. A nice paved walking trail meanders around the park as well and leads to open space that isn’t developed yet. You can see for miles and miles when you walk around.

Countryside Park

Rancho Cordova, CA
Take the Mather Field exit off I-80 in Rancho Cordova. Go east and turn right on Rockingham Dr. Keep on the street and the park will be at the end of the street. Parking is on the street.

This is a cute neighborhood park. The playground is really high so the slides are really cool to slide down. It has swings as well. It has some open space to play soccer or Frisbee. There is an elementary school next to the park. There are no bathroom facilities here.

Garbolino Park!

1015 Camelia Ave
Roseville, CA
Take the Douglas Exit off I-80. Go west toward the railroad. Turn left at Keehner Ave. Turn left at Camelia Ave. It will lead you to the park. Park anywhere along the street.

This is a cute neighborhood park. It has a cute playground to climb around and slide down. It has both kinds of swings. A wonderful sand area is nearby with a truck to play on. There is a basketball court, BBQ area with tables, and a wonderful flat open space for all kinds of sports. There is also a paved walking trail that goes around the perimeter of the park. This is a neat park because it is small enough and flat enough that you can see everything that is going on, so you can keep track of all your kids, but it is big enough to enough the space. No bathroom facilities.

Quarry Park/Memorial Park!

Rocklin, CA
Take the Rocklin Rd exit off I-80. Go west toward the railroad. Before the railroad you will see the fire station and city hall to the left, turn in the parking lot to the left and the memorial park will be there. Park at the end of the park, there will be assigned parking spaces.

Quarry park has water features! This is a very cute playground. It is probably crowded during those hot days, but it has plenty of benches with covered canopies of different colors, and lot of grass space to spread out your towels. There is a snake that sprays up water, an umbrella water spray, and lots of water sprays from the ground. The playground itself is very cute. It has slides, tunnels, and swings of both kinds. And don’t forget to try out the red seat next to the swings, it spins! There is also a sand area so bring your shovels and pails. This is a great park for all ages.

Sunrise Mall Playground

Citrus Heights, CA
Take the Greenback Exit off I-80 and go east for 4 miles or more. The mall will be on the northeast corner of Sunrise and Greenback. The kids play place is in the center of the mall.

The Sunrise Mall play place is a very popular place for kids to come during the rain! This is a very cute play place. It has a outdoor nature theme. The slide has a raccoon on the top with wood like steps. There are hollowed out trees for tunnels with worms over the top. Lots of mushrooms to jump or sit on as well as a cute ladybug structure to climb on. The mall also has a Kids Club every first Saturday of the month. Ask about it at customer service.

Galleria Mall Playground

Roseville, CA
Going on I-80 take Hwy 65 exit. On Hwy 65 take the first exit, Galleria Pkwy exit. Follow the signs to the mall, it will be on the right side. The kids play place is outside the mall, it covered with a canopy.

The Galleria Mall kids play place is a great place for kids. It has slides, tunnels, and pieces of equipment to climb. It was outside, but they remodeled and got a new place and new equipment inside. It is really cute. The equipment (slide, climbing stuff) is made to look like tools, hard hats and other work like things. It is sponsored by Comcast I'm thinking since all the equipment has their logo on it. It has seating all around, with one entrance, so it is very safe. They clean the equipment everyday so they might kick you out for 15 minutes while they do that, but hey it is clean, a good time to go back. It is a good place to have the kids run around if the weather is rainy, cold or really hot outside.