Feb 21, 2007

Eugene H Ahner Park!

Foothill Farms/Citrus Heights area

From I-80 going east toward Reno, take the Greenback Exit. From Greenback going east a mile or less, turn right on Auburn Blvd. Go a few miles, and turn left on Manzanita Ave. Go less than 1 mile, and the park will be on the right. There is a parking lot in front.

Eugene H Amnov park is a great park for all ages. Two playgrounds are great for all ages. They are a perfect size for small kids. There is a cute teeter-totter that kids will love. The basketball courts and tennis courts are perfect for those who want to exercise a bit while their kids play. The open green space is wonderful for soccer events or Frisbee. There are bathrooms close to the playgrounds, two tennis courts, two basketball courts, walking trails, BBQ areas, and a large parking lot.

Foothill Park

Foothill Farms area.
From I-80 North toward Reno. Take the Greenback/Elkhorn Exit off I-80. Turn left over the freeway, the street changes to Elkhorn. Make the first right turn onto Diablo Dr. The park will be on the right. There is a parking lot on the right.

Foothill Park is a large open space and park. It has 27 acres to explore. It has three playgrounds that are all different. One even has a "piano" kids will like to play. Two playgrounds are by the parking lot, and another playground is by the street before the parking lot. There are swings at all three playgrounds. There is a huge covered BBQ area with lots and lots of benches. The walking trails are nice and peaceful. The recreation offices are located here, as well as at Rusch Park. You can go and get more information on all the parks, amenities, and recreation happenings. There are bathrooms here as well. The trees are sparse around the playgrounds so in the summer you might want to come when it is cooler in the day. This park has two tennis courts, soccer fields, and bathrooms that are close to the BBQ areas.

Park Oaks Park

Citrus Heights, CA
Take the Greenback Exit. Go east on Greenback 2 miles, and turn right at Parkoaks Dr. Go about ½ mile or so, and the park is on the left hand side. Parking is on the street.

Park Oaks Park is a cute neighborhood park. It has small and big swings, a cute sand area. It has three playgrounds that have tunnels, slides and ramps. The three playgrounds are very close together so it makes it nice to have an adventurous child, but still be able to socialize. This park also has some grassy area perfect for Frisbee or a small soccer game. The creek runs along side the right hand side of the park, it is tempting to those kids who love to explore. It doesn’t have bathroom facilities. It also has two basketball courts, picnic tables, and a volleyball court.

Madera Park

Citrus Heights, CA
Off I-80 North take the Antelope Rd exit. Stay on Antelope Road and go through the signal of Sunrise Ave. Then make the first left on Wonder Street. The park will be up the street on the right side.

Madera Park is a wonderful, quiet, and large community park. This 16 acre park has many walking trails that curve around the park and connect to residential areas. Many people bring their dogs on leashes and go for walks throughout the day. It is also great for the child who is beginning to learn to ride a bicycle. The tennis courts(2), baseball fields(3), and basketball courts(2) and open space are great for the sports lover. The playground is a great one. It has two playgrounds, one for older and one your younger. It has small and big swings. It has a fence that goes around the playground area, so there are only two ways in and out of the area. It is easy to keep track of your little ones. A large covered BBQ area is nice. There is lots of shade at this park, which is great in the summer. Bathroom facilities are across the parking lot next to the tennis and ball fields.

Brooktree Park

Citrus Heights, CA
Exit Greenback off I-80. Go East and turn right onto Dewey Ave. (it is Van Maren on the other side of Greenback). On Dewey turn left at Dunmore. Go up the hill a little ways and the park is on the right. Park on the streeet.

Brooktree Park is larger than you can tell. It is 14 acres! The playground is right next to the street. It has a fence around it so the kids can’t run into the street. Two playgrounds are great for all ages. Two types of swings are available. There are four ball fields down the hill from the playgrounds. The bathroom facilities are located there, but are usually locked unless there is a game playing. It also has 2 tennis courts, and picnic tables a little ways down from the playground area. There is lots more open space there as well for the Frisbee lover.

San Juan Park

Citrus Heights, CA

From the Madison exit off I-80 to Reno, go 5 miles or so. Turn left on Mariposa Avenue. The park will be on the left side along with the parking lot.

San Juan Park is a great neighborhood park. For those who enjoy walking dogs, or strolling along a quiet open space, this is the place for you, it has 15 acres to roam. There are two nice tennis courts in front next to the parking lot, lots of open fields perfect for soccer games, BBQ areas and bathrooms in site. The playground is not right next to the parking lot, but there is a nice path leading to it. It small and big kid swings, slides, and ramps they can play on. Lots of great open space.

Almond Park

Orangevale, CA

From Greenback going North turn right on Almond Ave. Go 1 mile and the park and parking lot will be on the right side.

This is a huge neighborhood park that is very peaceful. There are lots of beautiful trees that drop leaves in the fall that are perfect for the strolling person who wants to rustle up some noise. There is a great playground for older kids with swings and slides. The smaller playground needs to be updated; it is a little dirty and old. It is good in the summer time since has lots of shade. The trails meander around the beautiful trees and open fields. There are sand volleyball courts, and BBQ areas perfect in the summer.

Kaseberg Park

Roseville, CA

From I-80 take the Auburn/Riverside Exit. Turn left on Riverside Ave. Turn left on Cirby Way. Turn right on Foothills Blvd. Go 2-3 miles and turn right on Rand Way. The park will be on the right along with the parking lot.

This is a great neighborhood park. It is a very cute park. The open space is wonderfully located next to an elementary school. They put in new playground equipment. It has a tall slide and many ropes and mushroom type things to stand on and climb around. They have big and small kid swings. They have two little seats your not sure what they are, but you put your kid in them and spin them around. Some might not like it, it gets them dizzy, and some kids will laugh non stop. The rock waterfall is turned on in the summer, a great water feature for the hot days. The BBQ area is perfect for large parties. There is a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit and large grass fields. There are restrooms here as well. Plenty of space to ride bikes around or run around to get out energy!

Hannaford Family Park/Eggloff Family Park

Folsom, CA

From Douglas Blvd off I-80 go north. Keep on Douglas for many miles and turn right on Folsom-Auburn Blvd. Continue for a few miles and turn right on Folsom Dam Rd. Then turn left on Lakeside Way. The park will be on the right. Park on the street. The Eggloff park will be up Lakeside Dr a ½ mile or less on Hollyann Dr.

Hannaford Family Park is a small park. It has a good full size basketball court, picnic tables, swings, and a cute playground for kids of all ages. A nice walking trail for walking pets. Eggloff Park is nearby and is a cute meandering trail park. It has cute bridges to go over and a peaceful setting you can enjoy while mediating or reading.

Olympus Park

Roseville, CA
Directions: From I-80 east, Take the Douglas Blvd exit. Go east about 3 miles. Turn left on Roseville Pkwy. Go a ½ mile. Turn right on Olympus Dr. Make the second right on La Croix Dr. and the park will be on the left. Parking is on the street.

This playground park is excellent for younger children. It has two small playgrounds that have slides and ramps that are the right size for smaller kids. There are big and small swings. A great sand area is enjoyable for those little ones who love to get dirty. The bathrooms are near with a drinking fountain. The large grass field is perfect for soccer, as well as the nice ball field. It is located next to a junior high school. There is a great BBQ area as well.

Feb 13, 2007

Fairytale Town

901 Land Park Drive Sacramento. It’s directly across from the Sacramento Zoo.
Hours: Nov-Feb. Tues-Saturday 10am-4pm.
March-Oct. Open everyday 9am-4pm.
Fees: Adults and Children 3-12 years: $4.25 weekends. $3.75 weekdays.
Kids 2 and under: Free.
Directions: Take I-80 west. Get on I-5 towards LA. Take I-5 to Sutterville Road. Turn left onto Land Park Drive. Fairytale Town is on your right. The Sacramento Zoo is on the left. Parking is all around both places.

Fairytale Town is a 2.5 acre children’s park that brings fairytales and nursery rhymes to life. It has over 25 colorful sets to give children the opportunity to learn about their favorite stories and to interact with them. There is “The woman who lived in a shoe” slide, “Mother Goose” slide, “Jack and the Beanstalk” slide and tunnels, and “Peter Rabbit” rabbits and garden where you can water the plants with real water. This is a nonprofit organization that helps the children explore and have fun. The cute “Humpty Dumpty” entrance is just the beginning to a delightful afternoon with your children.