Oct 10, 2008

Free theatre plays

I just found out you can see many plays for free. Just go here and sign up, and they are giving away some interesting theatre tickets for free to enhance going to see the arts in your community.

 I found this out because the Sacramento City College is putting on "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" play for children. It sounds like fun for kids who are at the age they can sit through a short play and see some cute costumes. This play is $5 for kids 3 and older (free for kids 2 and under), but tomorow (oct. 11th) it is opening day, so it is half off. For more info call go here.

Sep 23, 2008

Free Fairytale town day

I just read that Fairytale Town is free this Saturday Oct. 11th for children ages 0-5 and their parents. It is a First 5 Children's Celebration. There will be lots of larger than life cartoon characters walking around. Free snacks, wealth of information and lots of fun things to see.
It will be from 10am-4pm. There are also many events you can see at sacramentoparent.com. they have harvest festivals and shows galore.

Ancil Hoffman Park/ Effie Yeaw Nature Center!

This park is located in Carmichael off of Fair Oaks Blvd. Go to this link for good directions (depending on where you live there are many ways to get there: www.effieyeaw.org and click on directions/map on the left sidebar. Or for the Ancil Hoffman park information click here.

Ancil Hoffman Park is $4 to get in during business hours. You can golf, hike, or just have a picnic. Once you wind around past the golf course there will be parking directions to get to the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. There are many nice trails and a trail that goes and you can see the old indian pots, writing and a teepee. 

The Effie Yeaw Nature Center, in Ancil Hoffman Park, is an award-winning environmental and cultural education center within the American River Parkway. The center offers a wide variety of hands-on educational activities and exhibits for all ages. This center is free! It has so many cool exhibits. They have a "tree house" you can climb up and read books and look over the museum. It has some animals inside as well, an owl, snakes, lizards, etc. So neat!!

Trails - Walk quietly along the nature trails winding through the Effie Yeaw Nature Center and one may see a herd of deer or listen to the chirps and chatter of over 100 bird species.

Golf- Golf Digest has named Ancil Hoffman Golf Course one of America's top 75 courses. Shady even in the summer, the course also houses a spacious clubhouse, a restaurant, and a trophy room.

Picnic - Enjoy a picnic with friends and family. This picnic area is operated on a first-come, first served basis. To protect wildlife and others, glass containers are not allowed in County Parks. Dogs are required to be on leashes throughout the park and may not enter the Nature Center.

Worth the drive, money and time!

Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Here are pictures of the Nature Center which is free with $4 parking for the Ancil Hoffman entrance...but when I went on a weekday no one was at the front gate, so it was free to go in...maybe you just have to pay on the weekends?.

Jul 30, 2008

Free Swimming Days

This is almost over..my bad...but there are free swim days every Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:45pm to 8:15pm. It is located at Johnson Pool-Vernon and D street in downtown Roseville. It goes until August 6th.

From I-15 take Riverside Exit. Continue on Riverside until the end and then turn left on Vernon Street. Turn left on D Street the pool is on the corner.

Yep totally free. Come swim. They cap it around 120 people, but lately they haven't reached capacity. They have two slides to go down in the deep end. Lifeguards monitoring all over the pool. They have a one foot section that is great for little kids to walk around in. They also have a 2, 3, 6, and 10 foot sections all roped off. Fun for all!

Jul 7, 2008

Whitney Oaks Park

Wildcat Blvd. & Whitney Ranch Parkway in Rocklin, CA.
Off the I-65.Blue Oaks exit. Turn east. Turn left on Sunset. Right on W. Stanford Ranch Rd. Left on Wildcat. Right on Whitney Ranch Pkwy. Make a U-Turn where you can, after you see the park.

This is a fun park, kind of out of the way, but not very crowded so it is worth the drive. It has fun water features that dump and spray! The playground is HUGE! This is the biggest and tallest playground I have ever seen at a park. The big kid playground is three stories in some spots. The slides come down from that high. It has lots of paths around and plenty of things to walk on and run around. It has a cute small kid playground with horses to ride, swings, and plenty to climb on and slide down. It has many benches that are covered and you can reserve the BBQ areas as well. Fun for all ages.

Here is a link about the park on the parks and recreation website: click here.

Jul 5, 2008

Lone Tree Park

West Oaks Blvd. and Lone Tree Blvd, Rocklin, CA

From I-65 take the Blue Oaks exit. Turn left on Lone Tree. The park will be on the right behind the softball fields. Parking is a little bit away from the playground. I am thinking they are adding on to it? If you have a four wheeler you can park on the dirt right next to the playground. But we all need some exercise. :)

This park has three baseball fields, a soccer field, bathrooms, a fun playground with tall slides and fun ladders and a cool swing teeter totter thing. The best of all it has water features galore! It has many great sprinklers to run through and fun squirt gun horses to spray at others who want to get wet. Here is a link to the Rocklin parks and rec. page about the park as well:http://www.rocklin.ca.gov/government/service_n_facility/parks_n_facilities/parks/community_parks/lone_tree_park.asp

This is a popular park when its hot outside! Fun for all.

May 5, 2008

Weber Park

Take the Riverside Exit in Roseville. Stay on Riverside until the end and turn right on Vernon. Right on Grant. Left on Oak and Left on Washington. Left on Main Street. Left on Berkely and Right on Circuit.

This is a hidden park. It is downtown slightly so all types of people come here. There are two playground areas with small and big kid swings. It has a great open space for soccer or frisbee or what sport you choose. There is a basketball court as well. It is out of the way of the busy street so it is safe in that regards. Happy park day.

Twinwood Park

Take the Pleasant Grove exit off I-65 in Roseville. Take a U-turn at the Gold Coast Dr. signal. Turn right at Pioneer Dr. Left on Ranch Red Rd. and left on Twinwood Loop. The park is pushed up against the wall next to Pleasant Grove.

This is a very hidden neighborhood park. It is very quiet and secluded. It has a playground and open grass field for great picnics. If you can find it you will have a great time, just bring along friends to have a better time.

Sylvia Besana Park

Off I-65 in Roseville take the Pleasant Grove exit. Make a U-turn at the Gold Coast Dr signal. Turn right at Pioneer Rd. Turn left on Trehowell Dr. Turn right into the parking lot past the park on the right.

This park is cute. It has a covered playground structure. The structure has a climbing wall and slides and ramps. It has a covered picnic table area. It has big and small swings. Lots of open space here to run around and get some energy out.

Vencil Brown Park

Off the I-65 in Roseville take the Pleasant Grove exit. Turn right on Roseville Pkwy. Turn left on Trestle. The park will be on the left.

This park is a baseball field and open space for soccer and running around. There is no playground here. It is good for frisbee games or just for a picnic outing.

Buljan Park

Off -65 in Roseville take the Pleasant Grove exit. Turn west. Turn right on Hallissy Dr. the park will be on the left.

This park has many baseball fields. It has a cute playground with swings and slides. The only downfall is there is no parking near the playground area. You have to park at the school adjacent to the baseball fields and walk a few hundred feet with your toddlers and kids in tow to enjoy the playground area.

H. C. Elliot Park

Off I-65 in Roseville, take the Pleasant Grove exit. Turn west. Turn left onto Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Turn right onto Junction. Turn left onto Cushendall. The park will be up the street. Park in the parking lot.

This is a great neighborhood park. It is always busy with people coming and going all the time. It has a baseball field, great open space for soccer, a basketball court and a covered BBQ area with picnic tables. It has two playground areas and big and small kid swings. There is plenty to do at this park, and you might meet some friends while you are here as well.

Rube Nelson Park!

Off I-65 take Pleasant Grove exit. Turn west. Turn left onto Foothills Blvd. Turn left onto South Bluff Dr. The park will be up the street on the right side.

This is a cute small neighborhood park. It has big and small swings, slides, and a very cute frog that sprays water in the hot months. It has a trail connecting to it that goes by the train tracks for a short hike. It is a cute, quiet park. Here is a link to the City of Roseville's website about the park as well:http://www.roseville.ca.us/parks/parks_n_facilities/parks_in_roseville/all_parks/r_f_(rube)_nelson_park.asp

Mahany Park

Off I-65 in Roseville. Take the Pleasant Grove Exit. Turn west. Continue on Pleasant Grove until you pass Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. Turn left into the park on the left side.

This is a big park. It has a very new sleek library with storytime on Wednesdays at 10:30 and 11:00. It has a Sports Club where you can workout, take classes or have your kids take classes. The park itself has soccer fields, baseball fields and plenty of parking. They are in the making of an all accessible playground. It will be completed next year I believe.
There is a swimming facility located here as well. The entrance to that is on Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.
Lots to do at this park.

Misty Wood Park!

Roseville, CA

Off I-65 take the Pleasant Grove exit. Turn west. Turn right onto Misty Wood Drive. It is the first right after the Foothills signal. The park will be on the left side. Park on the street.

This is a great park. It is far enough away from the street you don't have worry about kids running in the street. It has a very cute boat structure kids can play on along with slides, ramps and small and big kid swings. There are plenty of picnic benches in the shade, BBQ area and lots of great open grass fields to play soccer. It even has a circle basketball court. The bonus is a hiking trail along the open space that goes along the creek behind houses. It makes a great hiking outing for toddlers and young kids.