Mar 7, 2007

Countryside Park

Rancho Cordova, CA
Take the Mather Field exit off I-80 in Rancho Cordova. Go east and turn right on Rockingham Dr. Keep on the street and the park will be at the end of the street. Parking is on the street.

This is a cute neighborhood park. The playground is really high so the slides are really cool to slide down. It has swings as well. It has some open space to play soccer or Frisbee. There is an elementary school next to the park. There are no bathroom facilities here.

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Sharon Marta said...

First of all, thank you for your blog. I've been looking for parks that can break down the features at each park and in each location. You have a very well organized site. Second, there is a new park in Rancho Cordova that has a water feature, we are going to go check it out today, but I wanted to let you know. Stone Creek Community Here's the info:
Spoto Drive in Rancho Cordova
21 acres include large and small group picnic areas, resstrooms, concrete walkways, playground, water feature, basketball court, soccer fields, softball/youth baseball field, parking lot amphitheater ad modular skateboard features.