Mar 7, 2007

Quarry Park/Memorial Park!

Rocklin, CA
Take the Rocklin Rd exit off I-80. Go west toward the railroad. Before the railroad you will see the fire station and city hall to the left, turn in the parking lot to the left and the memorial park will be there. Park at the end of the park, there will be assigned parking spaces.

Quarry park has water features! This is a very cute playground. It is probably crowded during those hot days, but it has plenty of benches with covered canopies of different colors, and lot of grass space to spread out your towels. There is a snake that sprays up water, an umbrella water spray, and lots of water sprays from the ground. The playground itself is very cute. It has slides, tunnels, and swings of both kinds. And don’t forget to try out the red seat next to the swings, it spins! There is also a sand area so bring your shovels and pails. This is a great park for all ages.

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